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Helpline for Healthcare Workers
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Building Resilient Communities
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Creating Safer Spaces
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Removing Barriers to Care
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Stimulating Proactive Recovery
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Our Principles


To improve access to mental healthcare in local communities and building resilience from within.


To develop a safe and welcoming space that is self sustaining and grows with the needs of the community.


To match the needs of our clients, provide support and care of the highest quality in a trustworthy and ethical manner.

Upcoming Events

Our Services


We offer a range of services which include assessment and management of common and complex mental health issues .


Psychotherapy, also known as ‘talk therapy’, helps in overcoming emotional & behavioral issues and restores wellbeing.


Neuropsychology is a discipline in psychology that understands brain-behaviour relationships, aiding the diagnosis of some cognitive disorders.

Perinatal Mental Health Services

We offer services like counselling, psychotherapy and medical advice for women undergoing mental health issues during antenatal and postpartum periods.

Our Story

The Green Oak Initiative is a community mental health centre that provides psychiatric and psychological services that are easily accessible and affordable to its local community. Our central belief is that mental healthcare should be based within the community. Services should be designed to build resilience internally, reduce the risks of developing mental disorders, and for those who do develop a disorder, offer the best chances of recovery and resume a life of quality.

Our Initiatives


Cogworks is an initiative to encourage healthy ageing and enriching the lives of people with dementia.

Helpline for healthcare workers

Our team started a free and confidential helpline to provide psychological support exclusively for healthcare workers.

MBT Supervision and MBT Groups

Our comprehensive program involves 12 months of group therapy, crisis management and individual therapy.

Low fee clinic

Samartha is a low cost clinic by The Green Oak Initiative. It offers consultations at affordable prices by psychiatrists and psychologists so that all who need help in the community can access it without being burdened by economic constraints.

Programmes/ Book and Movie Club

Our bi-monthly book club and film clubs are an open community event where books that explore mental health and wellness are discussed in a reflective safe space.

Community Outreach Programmes


A community space nurturing a supportive environment for social interaction and development through meaningful and physical activities.


Kizora project is an initiative to build resilience in youth. The workshops aim to help adolescents improve their mental health and find a balance of mind.

Employee Wellness Program

Employee wellness program offered by Greenoak is comprehensive to ensure the mental wellness of the employees through experienced professionals.