Our Story

The Green Oak Initiative is a community mental health centre that provides psychiatric and psychological services that are easily accessible and affordable to its local community. Our central belief is that mental healthcare should be based within the community . Services should be designed to build resilience internally, reduce the risks of developing mental disorders, and for those who do develop a disorder, offer the best chances of recovery and resume a life of quality. 

Founded by Sowmya Krishna, Ashlesha Bagadia and Jwala Narayanan who, individually, bring decades of clinical experience and distinct expertise but also believe strongly in collaborative care. They’re equally passionate about empowering clients and caregivers, as well as building skills in other clinicians. 

Hence The Green Oak Initiative was developed to provide a safe space for community events at the primary level, specialised mental health care at the tertiary level, alongside skill building of other clinicians through internships, training workshops and research programs.