Our Initiatives


Cogworks is an initiative to encourage healthy ageing and enriching the lives of people with dementia. We wanted to bring a community of volunteers together to support people with dementia while their family is at work or in another country! The program focuses on engaging in physical and meaningful cognitive activities through creative expression and social interaction. We have a group of humble and kind artists from movement therapy, visual arts, yoga, and psychology, putting together a program that is most often tailored to each one’s needs.

Low fee clinic

Sahaya is a low cost clinic by The Green Oak Initiative. It offers consultations at affordable prices by psychiatrists and psychologists so that all who need help in the community can access it without being burdened by economic constraints. At Sahaya, the mental health professionals offer medication management, psychotherapy, and conduct psychological assessments as well. Sahaya consists of a clinic for general adults, women and children, and a geriatric clinic. It functions on Fridays and thrice a month. 

  • First Friday- General Adult clinic
  • Second Friday- Children and women clinic
  • Third Friday- Geriatric Clinic 
  • Timings: 12pm to 5pm 
  • Fee for the clinic: Rs. 500 for new patient / Rs. 250 for follow-up

If you are experiencing distress, anxiety, low mood, panic attacks, concentration issues, difficulty committing to work or relationships, feeling alienated from friends and family, or experience symptoms like seeing things and hearing voices, please contact us at 080-43404122 to schedule an appointment.

Helpline for healthcare workers

The mental health of healthcare workers is a long neglected area of need in our country. Doctors, nurses, midwives, lab technicians and all hospital workers are often exposed to highly stressful conditions and least likely to seek help. As the COVID crisis exploded around us, it became even more necessary to provide a service to the healthcare workers who were battling in the frontline. Rising to the occasion, our team started a free and confidential helpline to provide psychological support exclusively for healthcare workers. We upskilled ourselves with current knowledge on psychological first aid, and combined with our clinical expertise, developed a protocol for the helpline. We now provide this service daily Mon-Sun, 8am-10am & 5pm-8pm, with a plan to expand to longer hours in the future. 

MBT Supervision and MBT Groups

Mentalisation Based Treatment is an evidence based program for management of Borderline Personality Disorder. Our comprehensive program is the first of its kind in India, involving 12 months of group therapy, crisis management and individual therapy. Our centre is also a base for MBT training programs and supervision of therapists who are in MBT training. 

Book Club

Popular arts are a great source of information and when depicted correctly can be an ideal medium to dispel myths around mental illness and reduce stigma. Our bi-monthly book club THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS is an open community event where books that explore mental health, illness and wellness are discussed in a reflective safe space. 

Movie Club

The Book Club alternates with a bi-monthly film OBLIQUE ANGLE FILM CLUB. Here we discuss films from diverse backgrounds that have mental health as a central theme. Participants range from a regular group of clinicians, service users, carers, to occasional drop-ins to share personal insights when a particular book or film has resonated with them.